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We believe no other medical device training program prepares you for success in the field as comprehensively as we do at PrepMD.

Our co-founders and faculty all have years of leadership experience among the world’s top companies in the industry. In addition to understanding the clinical and technological skills you need to have and market knowledge you need to know, we also have first-hand knowledge of:

  • What hiring managers look for when hiring new team members, whether that’s on paper or in one-on-one contact;
  • How you can best present yourself during interviews with hiring managers;
  • Which companies may have roles that match your strengths and interests as you progress through the program;
  • The soft skills you’ll need to develop for continued success once you’re hired.

Our entire mission is to grow the medical device workforce by teaching, inspiring, and connecting top talent to the industry and the healthcare sector—which means getting you in the best possible position to successfully find a job at the end of your program. Here’s how we do it.

  • One-on-One Advice and Support: At the very start of your program, you’ll be matched to a faculty member who will offer you one-on-one coaching throughout your program. During the online portion of the program, your advisor will provide guidance as you begin revising your resume. Later, he or she will offer counsel for handling interviews, meet-and-greets, and other contact with hiring managers and industry professionals.
  • Directly Teaching Strategic Knowledge and Skills: Business intelligence about the medical device industry is built in to our curriculum, so you will understand how you play a role in accomplishing a company’s strategic objectives. In addition, we include mock interviews and other role-playing exercises in course content to ensure you feel confident in your ability to show employers what you’re capable of.
  • Early and Ongoing Contact with Key Personnel: At PrepMD, we bring the industry to you. Throughout the on-site and clinical rotation portions of your program, we host COMPASS (Corporate Objectives, Marketplace Plans, And Sales Strategies) events, guest lectures, and on-site interview days. You’ll have the chance to meet clinical managers, regional managers, and other leadership figures at our company partners, so you can get a feel for which corporate culture might fit you best.

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