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Widen your talent pool with PrepMD’s quality candidates. Our program selects students who are primed for success, and foundationally trains them on CIED and EP applications. We prepare them to succeed both within the medical device industry and the healthcare sector.

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Our candidates offer you consistently high quality and rapid productivity. Our three annual program cycles, Winter, Spring and Fall, ensure you can find trained talent when you need it most. Learn more.

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From initial screening to graduation, find out how we select candidates and learn key dates for upcoming training cycles.

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Get to know our candidates first-hand at a Corporate Objectives, Marketplace Plans, And Sales Strategies (COMPASS) Event.

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Through our Contract Staffing Organization (CSO), we offer an established network of talented and/or experienced medical device specialists who can fill your short and long-term staffing requirements.

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Make use of our award-winning facilities and experienced staff to help new or current hires sharpen their skills.

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