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PrepStart Program

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Looking for an efficient way to train your device clinic staff?

PrepMD offers onsite and online training complimented with tailored competency assessment evaluations on the fundamentals of cardiac rhythm management device operations. The PrepStart goal is help you develop a plan and support your efforts in conducting competency training in the fundamentals of pacemaker and ICD operations for your device staff.

The PrepStart Model has four main components: Assessment, Online Prep, Onsite Training, Sustainment Activities

The PrepStart Model

Onsite Training

Students are inserted in a portion or all of our 7 week didactic sessions.

  • Week 1:  Anatomy and Physiology ECG Rhythm Interpretation
  • Week 2:  Rhythm Interpretation and Basic Pacing Concepts
  • Week 2:  Rhythm Interpretation and Basic Pacing Concepts
  • Week 4:  Brady Device Operations
  • Week 5:  Mechanisms of Tachycardia and Tachy Device Operations I
  • Week 6:  Tachy Device Operations II
  • Week 7:  Heart Failure and CRT Device Operations

For basic planning purposes we run 3 sessions a year beginning in the months of February, May, and September.   The weeks the student would attend would depend on the specific training needs and goals.

Online Training

Students receive online course work before (preparatory) during (reinforcement) and after (sustainment) onsite training.

Current content available online includes.

  1. The IBHRE Examinees Overview of Core Concepts & Fundamentals
  2. Test your Practical Understanding of Device Therapy
  3. Cardiovascular Foundations for Understanding Device Therapy
  4. Fundamentals of ECGs and Rhythm Analysis
  5. Fundamentals of Cardiac Pacing 101 – Terms and Concepts
  6. Fundamentals of Cardiac Pacing 102 – Device Operations
  7. Clinical Foundations for ICD Therapies
  8. Intermediate Level Cardiac Pacing Technologies
  9. Understanding the Pacemaker Implant
  10. ICD Technology – Sensing and Detection
  11. Cardiac Rhythm Management for the Heart Failure Patient
  12. Non Rhythm Related Cardiovascular Disease

Assessment Testing

Students can take online competency assessment testing to direct their training efforts, help define the need for onsite training, or monitor their  progress after completing their training.

PrepMD can from its existing library of content, assemble a tailored assessment test and establish a schedule for periodic training assessments to monitor your employees’ progress through the curriculum.

You can have assessment tests built around any or all of the Core Competencies listed below:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Demonstrate ability to assess non-paced ECG analysis
  3. Identify the indications for pacemaker implantation
  4. Demonstrate competency in the use of the PSA
  5. Demonstrate the ability to assess appropriate single-chamber pacemaker function from the surface ECG
  6. Describe the timing cycles of a dual-chamber pacemaker
  7. Demonstrate the ability to assess capture and sensing in a dual-chamber pacemaker utilizing the surface ECG and the IEGM
  8. Demonstrate the ability to manage the intra-operative testing during an ICD implantation (including DFT Testing)
  9. Identify the ability to troubleshoot dual-chamber function (Upper Rate Behavior, PMT and Crosstalk)
  10. Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot dual-chamber pacemaker malfunctions
  11. Show understanding of the basic principles of Sensing, Detection and Therapy in an ICD
  12. Demonstrate knowledge concerning ICD programming and troubleshooting

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