iPrepMD Online Training Platform for IBHRE Prep

Online Training

The iPrepMD platform utilizes side by side instructor and content presentation using PrepMD proprietary delivery platform.

Visit www.iprepmd.com

Here are just a few of the ways our iPrepMD customers have used our curriculum resources

  • On boarding training for newly hired team members.
  • Integration training for staff members who join your staff from other departments in the hospital
  • Fundamentals refresher training for experienced industry hires
  • Advanced developmental tenured training for new staff members
  • Training and testing to support staff credentialing
  • Incentive training to show team members you are investing in their future

Content is organized by related topics into courses. Each course is comprised of component Classes and Lessons.

Each Class has clearly defined learning objectives which are supported by its component Lessons. Learners are provided with a Lesson outline to explain the content to be presented in each learning unit as well as a quiz based knowledge check that has been assign the Lesson.

Quiz results are sent to learners via email with a 24 hour period of the quiz being taken and can be shared with supervisors through special arrangements.