Learning Opportunities for Healthcare and Industry Professionals

Continuing Education

PrepMD offers continuing education solutions for healthcare providers and industry employed allied professionals.

Our continuing education programs are offered onsite and online and can be tailored to meet your specific training needs.

Online Training

Delivered via our proprietary learning content management system, iPrepMD is available via annual or monthly subscriptions. Content ranges from preparatory material for IBHRE® exam to foundational classes on pacing therapy. To view our full catalog visit www.iprepmd.com.

PrepStart Program

The PrepStart goal is to help allied health professionals develop a plan and support their efforts in conducting competency training in the fundamentals of pacemaker and ICD operations.

Medical Device Careers Insights 101

Gain access to over 10 hours of professional development and technical instruction that can help you better understand what it takes to begin a career in the medical device industry.

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