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Cardiac Medical Device Specialist

Built by industry leaders to teach, inspire, and connect new talent to rewarding medical device specialist careers

The PrepMD story starts in the industry. Co-founders Matt O’Neal and Bob Mattioli had both worked their way up through the ranks from device specialists to sales representatives to senior managers and officers by the early 2000s. And they both recognized a similar problem within highly specialized medical device careers: the real risk most organizations ran when making new hires was an unacceptably high new hire attrition rate.

The cardiac medical device business is a demanding one. Specialists need a high degree of clinical and technical knowledge, as well as business savvy. As a result, it was entirely possible for hiring managers to bring new recruits on board and spend as many as six months training and grooming them—only to have them wash out and leave the company. So, hiring managers now ask for prior experience or training while filling these positions. This need is the core philosophy of the PrepMD concept: providing a better vetted and better prepared pool of talent who arrive on the job with a strong understanding of what their role is and can successfully execute that role accordingly.

After 24 weeks of didactic learning, simulation training, and clinical rotations, new hires from PrepMD are better able to successfully weather the on-boarding period that all new medical device specialists undergo, and are more likely to become productive team members sooner. The result is better performance for device specialist hiring managers and their teams and better service for physicians and patients. “Our graduates can have a direct impact on people’s quality of life,” says Matt.

Since the company’s founding in 2009, PrepMD has completed more than 21 sessions and trained more than 350 participants—and 94% of those participants have been placed within the industry or the healthcare sector. As we continue to grow, we’re proud to be the partner young professionals choose when they pursue these highly rewarding careers—and the secret weapon many hiring managers trust to help expand their teams with quality hires.

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