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"These programs have been reviewed and endorsed by the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE). The specific views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of IBHRE. IBHRE was not involved in the development of this product or service. Additionally IBHRE does not endorse or recommend any specific products or devices included in the material."

4 Ways to Prepare 4 IBHRE® with Prep MD

Select the best options that meet your schedule and learning style. PrepMD offers 4 ways to help you prepare for the IBHRE Exam:

1. Webinar Series

2. Online Review Classes

3. Online Practice Assessment Tests

4. IBHRE Prep Companion Binder Set

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1. 2016 IBHRE® Prep Webinar Series

A 6-piece webinar series to help prepare you for the IBHRE® exam. One hour in length every Tuesday at 5:30 pm EST from June 20th through July 25th. Topics include June 20th: Electrical Concepts / Indications for Device Implantation, June 27th: Device Implantation / Conscious Sedation / Implant Complications, July 5th: Brady Timing Cycles/ ECG & EGM Analysis / Troubleshooting, July 12th: Tachy Sensing, Detection & Therapy / EGM Analysis / Troubleshooting, July 19th: CRT Timing Cycles / Optimization / Troubleshooting, July 26th: 12 Lead ECG Analysis / EGM Analysis / Drug Therapy.

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2. IBHRE® Examinee's ONLINE Review of Core Concepts & Fundamentals

Available with our basic iPrepMD subscription, this course along with the full basic subscription assists the participant in preparing for the IBHRE® Exam for Allied Professionals on Cardiac Rhythm Device Therapy. It is an overview of core concepts and fundamentals intended to help highlight areas of strength and weakness in order to assist the participant to study more effectively before the exam.

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3. Practice Testing & Assessment for IBHRE® Candidates

The purpose of the exam based course is to help prepare for the IBHRE® exam. Questions range from areas of fundamental understanding that are critical to your foundation in preparing for the exam to questions requiring more detailed problem solving and analysis of multiple factors. It is not intended to replicate the questions of the exam as those questions are protected by the exam committee, but supplement your efforts and help you identify areas for continued study.

To order the Test Taking and Practice and Self Assessment for the IBHRE® Candidate (225 questions for $175 with an active iPrepMD subscription or $250 for test and 30 days access to iPrepMD) click the button below for an online order form. (+25.00 if ordered after March 31, 2016)

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4. Companion Binders

For students who like hard copy resources for taking notes we also offer companion binders for the The IBHRE® Examinee's Overview of Core Concepts & Fundamentals course. Click the Button below to order your set of two binders for $165.95 plus shipping and handling.

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