A 24-Week Bootcamp Program that Places You in a
Highly Rewarding Medical Device Specialist Career
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PrepMD is all about “PREPARATION”. PrepMD will prepare you to enter the satisfying and rewarding career of a Medical Device clinical specialist or sales representative. In fact, the primary goal of PrepMD is to thoroughly prepare you for a Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) or Electrophysiology (EP) career opportunity, positioning you to become a preferential, pre-qualified, candidate for hire by one of the large medical device companies.

PrepMD is founded by senior executives of the medical device industry. As hiring managers, both at a field-staffing level as well as at a strategic-organizational level, we understand both the needs of the device organization and the preferences of the hiring manager for recognizing key talent to achieve strategic goals.

Placement Statistics

We know:

The PrepMD founders have expertly hired sales and clinical staffs, and have successfully built commercial organizations on behalf of medical device companies over decades of experience. These enterprises have ranged from large, medium, and small caps, to start-ups. Additionally the founders have individually constructed sales and clinical training curricula and platforms that are commonly used among many medical device companies today.

If you are chosen for enrollment in one of the PrepMD training programs, and complete the course of study, you will be well prepared to launch your new medical device industry career; a career with a uniquely specialized and highly rewarded degree of professional satisfaction.

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