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PrepMD Program

"The faculty at PrepMD has created a win-win environment. Focused students with an open mind will get a job. I enjoyed my time at PrepMD and would recommend it to anyone focused and hardworking with a passion for the field."

- Brian Runson, FCR Biotronik

PrepMD is founded by senior executives of the medical device industry. As hiring managers, both at a field-staffing level as well as at a strategic-organizational level, we understand both the needs of the device organization and the preferences of the hiring manager for recognizing key talent to achieve strategic goals.


The PrepMD program is comprised of three phases of curriculum:

Phase 1

Includes interactive lectures anatomy and physiology, conduction system, pacemaker timing cycles, paced and non paced EKG analysis.

Sterile techniques, intra-operative device testing and implantation techniques, fluoroscopic image interpretation, EP study operational protocols.

Phase 2

PrepMD students learn the details of business planning, market development, communication skills for sales and clinical support, as well as the commercial roles and expectations of successful field personnel supporting CRM/EP device use.

Understanding of the operational parameters of implantable CRM devices through sessions in PrepMD's "First in Class" Programmer BarTM, a one of a kind environment in which comparative device algorithm study is conducted.

Phase 3

Conducted within clinical settings of major medical centers in the metropolitan Boston area, clinical rotation experiences are also reinforced though hands-on lessons within the controlled environment of Prep LabTM, our unique on-site simulation lab facility.

Life at PrepMD

"The compassionate interest shown by each faculty member in our lives both professionally and personally add the “it” factor to the program. The wealth of knowledge from a technical standpoint coupled with inside knowledge from a business aspect has prepared me far beyond my initial expectations for my career in medical device. Guest speakers, social events with company hiring managers as well as hands on training both in the lab and within the hospital alongside world renowned Electrophysiologists has made this the greatest experience of my life; everything promised to me has become a reality."
- Jason Kindler, Sales Rep Impulse Dynamics

"PrepMD is truly a life changing decision. I went from having confusion about my future career in physical therapy, to having an exciting and interesting career in a new field. The small class size allows for as much 1 on 1 time as a student requires, as well as a great support group and friendships with the other students. PrepMD does a great job with preparing candidates with the technical knowledge, as well as the interviewing skills and relationship building that is crucial for this industry."
- Kyle Mikolowski, Field Associate PrepMD Professionals/Abbott

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